1839-1840 Uniform 4d Post Period

After several years of political agitation for postal reform a uniform postal rate of 4d was introduced on 5th December 1839 as an interim measure prior to the introduction of Uniform 1d postage on 10th January 1840. By this Act letters of under half an ounce were charged 4d irrespective of the distance. The lower rates of 1d and 2d for local letters remained in force until 10th January 1840. The Additional Halfpenny Mail Tax was also abolished on the introduction of this 4d postal rate.

The major cities of Scotland used "4" handstamps to indicate prepayment, but there are no known handstamps used within the county of Lanarkshire. Dated letters can be found from this period with manuscript 4d rates. Although letters from this period are not uncommon, it can be a challenge to find them from specific towns.